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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What the hell is with people and animals these days?

This is getting ridiculous. Is it something in the water or what?

To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the "Bincat" incident, and now more recently, the "Girl throws puppies into river" event.

Let me break it down: on August 26th, one Darryl Mann from Coventry, England was leaving his house when he heard meowing coming from the family's wheelie trash-bin. Inside, he discovered his cat, Lola, who appears to have been stuck in there for the night. Fortunately, the Mann family had a CCTV camera installed outside their home, in case of burglars and the like. They checked the tapes, wanting to see how Lola got stuck in there. She was most likely looking in, fell inside and got trapped somehow. Instead, they got THIS:

That's right. An old lady was walking by, saw the cat, petted it, looked around, then PUT THE CAT IN THE TRASH BIN!!! What the hell?? Shocked by this act, the family decided to post the video on Youtube and Facebook, in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.

Little did they know, they would get far more than they bargained for.

Within a bit, the video becomes viral, and like all viral videos, it is soon picked up by the media, especially if local news is going through a slow news cycle. Soon, this becomes national news in England and beyond, with more and more people watching it and crying in outrage. Then, SUDDENLY, in the midst of all this, Anonymous, mainly the website 4chan, the most evil and disturbing site of the internet, enters the picture. The feared internet "hactivists" from the dark depths of the web are well known to have a weak spot for cats. They deride and make fun of everything else, but when a cat is abused, they set off to hunt the perpetrator to the ends of the Earth. So, it should come as no surprise that they identified and located the perpetrator using whatever methods they use. Once they discovered her, they posted all her personal information (called dox, short for documents) on the internet. Within minutes, hell was unleashed. 

The perpetrator turned out to be one "Mary Bale", a 45 year old lady who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Once identified, the storm began: Death threats started pouring in, as well as standard harassment as such. In the end, Ms. Bale was taken into police protection, as well as officially giving an apology. Her reason for doing this heinous act? She though "it would be funny". 

Damn right he isn't.


Now, one week later, another viral video is out there. This one is of a teenager girl wearing a red sweatshirt, who is THROWING PUPPIES INTO A RIVER?!!?! WHAT THE ****??!?!?

Did I miss something?? Is it "Abuse animals and post videos of it onto the internet" month?? Where's the damn PETA?

4chan, fresh from their Bincat abuser hunt, is facing a split decision. See, they only really love cats, and don't feel nearly as strong when it comes to dogs. As such, opinions are split. One faction is going after the girl. Some want to defend her, but that's a pathetic minority. The majority don't care, which is their normal behavior. Cat's are the only animals that matter to these people. Within a few hours, they identified the possible suspect as a girl in the town of Bugojno, in Bosnia (oh wow, good luck). We are still awaiting to see if they got it right, or if they've targeted the wrong person.

EDIT: The divide between factions is growing. Also, possible suspects have appeared. NONE HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED.

The girl from Bugojno, whose name is still unknown. The river is suspected of being the Vrbas river. The suspected camera man is one "Ivo Skica Volarevic".

Second is:
Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
Adress: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email adress: katja.puschnik@web.de
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
School email adress: sekr@gymnasium-ottobrunn.de
School telephone number: +49 89 6066650
Volleyball Team: Spvgg Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, http://www.volleyball-svh.de/node/19
Location of puppy throwing: Mangfall

Details above prove 4chan's skill at hunting people down. Keep checking in for changes in the situation. 

EDIT 2: THEY GOT HER. Holy **** 4chan got it right. Local Bugojanska police launched an investigation thanks to Anonymous' elite tracking skills. They've got the girl and her parents. Her name and that of the parents has not been released, but we do know the initials M.P. have been floating around. For more, see this link:




Now that the chase is over, here is the FULL story.

After chasing 3 innocent girls in different countries in Eastern Europe, the guilty girl as finally been found:



  1. Some people are out of control.

  2. It sickens me to think that people could harm such animals. It's disgusting, really.

  3. That is just wrong.


  4. goddamn people hurting things that can't fight back!
    btw, it's that time of the day again! daily lovin'!