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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And now for something completely unrelated...

Sorry I haven't posted in a week. School's started up, and I've got many things to work on.

In the mean time, please enjoy this calming music by Dax Johnson.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Even Terrorists get high. Eco-terrorists that is.

God, I can't believe this load of BS I'm reading here.

About six ago, a gunman entered the Discovery Channel HQ in Silverspring Maryland, USA (I live in the DC area, so this is of relevant interest to me). When I first heard about it on the radio, I was going over the possibilities. Terrorist? No, no one was dead, and he was taking hostages. Disgruntled former-employee? Possible. Guy who lost his job and wants back a little too much? Most likely, given the general economic situation.

A few minutes later, I start watching CNN and get on the web. I learn that he's an "environmental activist" with "interesting views". Okay, now things are making a bit more sense. He wants to spread his ideas, and what better way than to take hostages at a major news channel HQ near the capital of the USA. Insane? Completely, but it worked. It is then that I find his myspace page:


Well, it might not be up for long, so here's a pic of it:


The box to the top right, "It's time for a REVOLUTION!!!" concerned me. Obviously, it's more than just making a point. Then I noticed the link to:


What is there is Lee's manifesto and demands, which is one of the most insane, ridiculous, and hilarious things I've ever seen. I'll write them here for all of you. Anything in red is my comments.

The Discovery Channel MUST broadcast to the world their commitment to save the planet and to do the following IMMEDIATELY:

1. The Discovery Channel and it's affiliate channels MUST have daily television programs at prime time slots based on Daniel Quinn's "My Ishmael" pages 207-212 where solutions to save the planet would be done in the same way as the Industrial Revolution was done, by people building on each other's inventive ideas (Sounds logical enough...). Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution (umm...). A game show format contest would be in order (LOL, WUT? Like what, The wheel of chastity?). Perhaps also forums of leading scientists who understand and agree with the Malthus-Darwin science and the problem of human overpopulation. Do both (We already do that, it's just that religious people believe in intelligent design, and Malthus was quite wrong about the rate of technological progression keeping up with human food production). Do all until something WORKS and the natural world starts improving and human civilization building STOPS and is reversed! MAKE IT INTERESTING SO PEOPLE WATCH AND APPLY SOLUTIONS!!!! (I, for one, would watch that game show. It would be better than some of those insane Japanese game shows.) 

2. All programs on Discovery Health-TLC must stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions (See, now your offending people). In those programs' places, programs encouraging human sterilization and infertility must be pushed. All former pro-birth programs must now push in the direction of stopping human birth, not encouraging it. (Again...)

3. All programs promoting War and the technology behind those must cease. There is no sense in advertising weapons of mass-destruction anymore. Instead, talk about ways to disassemble civilization and concentrate the message in finding SOLUTIONS to solving global military mechanized conflict (Best idea i've heard so far...). Again, solutions solutions (noticeable repetition) instead of just repeating the same old wars with newer weapons. Also, keep out the fraudulent peace movements (Wait, what?). They are liars and fakes and had no real intention of ending the wars. ALL OF THEM ARE FAKE! (See, now you just lost all the support you had going for you, assuming you had any.) On one hand, they claim they want the wars to end, on the other, they are demanding the human population increase. World War II had 2 Billion humans and after that war, the people decided that tripling the population would assure peace. WTF??? STUPIDITY! MORE HUMANS EQUALS MORE WAR! (For the record, the reason that chinese have such a large population is that Chairman Mao realized that the more population a country has, the more it's chances of surviving a nuclear war. If the US and USSR had gone at each other, there would be only a couple thousand of survivors from each country, against the millions of remaining Chinese. This reasoning sounds more logical than yours Lee.)

4. Civilization must be exposed for the filth it is (This sounds like many philosophical texts I had to read in high school.). That, and all its disgusting religious-cultural roots (They're not all bad. Sure, each religion has their problems, but some of them do good. Take charities for example.) and greed (You want to stop human greed? Might as well wish for a realistic utopia. Nearly impossible without losing something of equal value. This guy should have read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.). Broadcast this message until the pollution in the planet is reversed (Definetly not in our lifetime...or our grandchildren's.) and the human population goes down! This is your obligation. If you think it isn't, then get hell off the planet (How?)! Breathe Oil (...)! It is the moral obligation of everyone living otherwise what good are they??

5. Immigration: Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows that (It's a delicate issue. Your not helping.). Find solutions to stopping it (So very easy to say, yet so very hard to actually do.). Call for people in the world to develop solutions to stop it completely and permanently (Implying we haven't and aren't doing just that). Find solutions FOR these countries so they stop sending their breeding populations to the US and the world to seek jobs and therefore breed more unwanted pollution babies (By now, 99% people are convinced this guy is a nut). FIND SOLUTIONS FOR THEM TO STOP THEIR HUMAN GROWTH AND THE EXPORTATION OF THAT DISGUSTING FILTH (Ouch.)! (The first world is feeding the population growth of the Third World and those human families are going to where the food is (Correction: money. That's what matters.)! They must stop procreating new humans looking for nonexistant jobs (They exist, it's just that not everyone can have one.)!)

6. Find solutions for Global Warming, Automotive pollution, International Trade, factory pollution, and the whole blasted human economy (Where have you been in the last 30 years??). Find ways so that people don't build more housing pollution which destroys the environment  (Working on it. Impatient aren't we?) to make way for more human filth (I really hate that term.)! Find solutions so that people stop breeding as well as stopping using Oil in order to REVERSE Global warming and the destruction of the planet!

7. Develop shows that mention the Malthusian sciences about how food production leads to the overpopulation of the Human race. Talk about Evolution. Talk about Malthus and Darwin until it sinks into the stupid people's brains until they get it!! (Good luck. Though I do agree that some people should just realize by now that evolution is something you can't ignore, religious beliefs or not.)

8. Saving the Planet means saving what's left of the non-human Wildlife by decreasing the Human population (/facepalm) . That means stopping the human race from breeding any more disgusting human babies! You're the media, you can reach enough people. It's your resposibility because you reach so many minds!!! (Hello? CNN? Can you tell people to stop breeding for the good of the planet because human beings are sniveling ****s that are destroying the world? Hello? Hello??)

9. Develop shows that will correct and dismantle the dangerous US world economy (Oh good God...)  Find solutions for their disasterous Ponzi-Casino economy before they take the world to another nuclear war. (HAHA, OH WOW DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?? "Another" Nuclear war??)

10. Stop all shows glorifying human birthing on all your channels and on TLC (We've been through this like 14 times now. We get it, you don't like babies.). Stop Future Weapons shows or replace the dialogue condemning the people behind these developments so that the shows become exposes rather than advertisements of Arms sales and development! (Logical and reasonable enough. Good intentions, but it ignores human free will and the first amendment.)

11. You're also going to find solutions for unemployment and housing (For God's sake, what do you think politicians are doing? Ignoring the constituents that they're accountable to?). All these unemployed people makes me think the US is headed toward more war. (Unemployment = war. Yeah, right... Bad economic situation, definetly. But war? Do you have anything to support this?)

Humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive creatures around and are wrecking what's left of the planet with their false morals and breeding culture. (By now, this line sounds like repetitive yakking in my head)

For every human born, ACRES of wildlife forests must be turned into farmland in order to feed that new addition over the course of 60 to 100 YEARS of that new human's lifespan! THIS IS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE FOREST CREATURES!!!! All human procreation and farming must cease! (No comment. Nothing I say could further state the obvious.)

It is the responsiblity of everyone to preserve the planet they live on by not breeding any more children who will continue their filthy practices. Children represent FUTURE catastrophic pollution whereas their parents are current pollution. NO MORE BABIES (You REALLY hate them, don't you?)! Population growth is a real crisis. Even one child born in the US will use 30 to a thousand times more resources than a Third World child (And our ancestors fought for this right: for us to be able to chose what we want and what we want to do with our lives.). It's like a couple are having 30 babies even though it's just one! If the US goes in this direction maybe other countries will too! (What.)

Also, war must be halted (A lovely ideal, but unfortunatly, innaplicable to the real world of today.). Not because it's morally wrong (WHAT???), but because of the catastrophic environmental damage modern weapons cause to other creatures (You want to stop war not because it's the scourge of humanity and the greatest evil of all, but because innocent forest animals die as a consequence??? DUDE...WTF??). FIND SOLUTIONS JUST LIKE THE BOOK SAYS (Said book will now become highly controversial and not be taught in schools where concerned parents have too much of a say.)! Humans are supposed to be inventive. INVENT, DAMN YOU!! (Obviously, you've done a fantastic job of leading by example.)

The world needs TV shows that DEVELOP solutions to the problems that humans are causing, not stupify the people into destroying the world (Truth.). Not encouraging them to breed more environmentally harmful humans (You make it sound like every other TV show on earth is glorifying human birth at every moment.).

Saving the environment and the remaning species diversity of the planet is now your mindset. Nothing is more important than saving them. The Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies (lol), Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears, and, of course, the Squirrels. (That last one made laugh for a minute, just the way he put it: "...and, of course, the Squirrels". Yeah, Squirrels will DEFINETLY die out unless we act out now. Uhuh.) 

The humans? The planet does not need humans. (Fox News will use this line to depict liberal enviromentalists as human hating maniacs. Just you wait.)

You MUST KNOW the human population is behind all the pollution and problems in the world, and YET you encourage the exact opposite instead of discouraging human growth and procreation. Surely you MUST ALREADY KNOW this! (Because we're sane.)

I want Discovery Communications to broadcast on their channels to the world their new program lineup and I want proof they are doing so (This is the one part I REALLY don't get. Why Discovery channel? Out of all the other channels that could be called evil, greedy, and a waste of human time, why take Discovery hostage? You could take E!News hostage, with all those celebrities that have way too big houses, more cars then they'll ever need or so. You could take CNN hostage. That would DEFINETLY ensure that every important policy maker is watching what you say. But no. The channel most dedicated to the environment and the animals living in it is the one you decided to take hostage.). I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it. (Good idea. Now watch as it never happens thanks to what you've done.)

These are the demands and sayings of Lee. (Made me lol.)

So, in short, a nut-job environmental activist takes people hostage in the Discovery Channel HQ and makes completely unreasonable and insane demands that aren't applicable in the real world. This hostage situation went on for four hours until negotiators thought that they couldn't negotiate with him anymore (Thankfully, since this is Washington, we have way more hostage negotiators, FBI agents, counter-terrorist experts, etc than we'll ever need to deal with a lone gunman). So, he was shot. Thankfully, no one was hurt except Lee, who is now dead. Nonetheless, it's good that everyone came out alive from this one. 

Also, expect to see conservatives demonize everything about this guy and maybe environmentalists in general. Yes, I'm looking at you Fox News. While the hostage situation was going on, you were already having people rambing on how everything in the above manifesto was evil to the core, and linking it to liberals in general, blowing everything out of proportion. Just like when you tried linking the Ground Zero Mosque (It's a community center morons) principal planner, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to terrorism by a lengthy, confusing, and ridiculous chain where almost everyone is guilty by association. Yet, what you didn't hear on the air, either because FOX news is too stupid or too hypocritical to say this, is that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the 2nd biggest shareholder of the News Corporation (FOX's parent company) donated around $300,000 to the mosque. So basically, yes, FOX News helped fund the mosque, yet they're decrying every moment of it. Sorry if I went off topic, I just feel strongly about this issue.

In a related story, during and after this situation, Anonymous decides to have fun their usual way: at the expense of everyone and everything else:

Remember people, not everything in wikipedia is true.

Same as above.

The condemed man's Last meal it would seem. I wonder if they actually delivered?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What the hell is with people and animals these days?

This is getting ridiculous. Is it something in the water or what?

To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the "Bincat" incident, and now more recently, the "Girl throws puppies into river" event.

Let me break it down: on August 26th, one Darryl Mann from Coventry, England was leaving his house when he heard meowing coming from the family's wheelie trash-bin. Inside, he discovered his cat, Lola, who appears to have been stuck in there for the night. Fortunately, the Mann family had a CCTV camera installed outside their home, in case of burglars and the like. They checked the tapes, wanting to see how Lola got stuck in there. She was most likely looking in, fell inside and got trapped somehow. Instead, they got THIS:

That's right. An old lady was walking by, saw the cat, petted it, looked around, then PUT THE CAT IN THE TRASH BIN!!! What the hell?? Shocked by this act, the family decided to post the video on Youtube and Facebook, in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.

Little did they know, they would get far more than they bargained for.

Within a bit, the video becomes viral, and like all viral videos, it is soon picked up by the media, especially if local news is going through a slow news cycle. Soon, this becomes national news in England and beyond, with more and more people watching it and crying in outrage. Then, SUDDENLY, in the midst of all this, Anonymous, mainly the website 4chan, the most evil and disturbing site of the internet, enters the picture. The feared internet "hactivists" from the dark depths of the web are well known to have a weak spot for cats. They deride and make fun of everything else, but when a cat is abused, they set off to hunt the perpetrator to the ends of the Earth. So, it should come as no surprise that they identified and located the perpetrator using whatever methods they use. Once they discovered her, they posted all her personal information (called dox, short for documents) on the internet. Within minutes, hell was unleashed. 

The perpetrator turned out to be one "Mary Bale", a 45 year old lady who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Once identified, the storm began: Death threats started pouring in, as well as standard harassment as such. In the end, Ms. Bale was taken into police protection, as well as officially giving an apology. Her reason for doing this heinous act? She though "it would be funny". 

Damn right he isn't.


Now, one week later, another viral video is out there. This one is of a teenager girl wearing a red sweatshirt, who is THROWING PUPPIES INTO A RIVER?!!?! WHAT THE ****??!?!?

Did I miss something?? Is it "Abuse animals and post videos of it onto the internet" month?? Where's the damn PETA?

4chan, fresh from their Bincat abuser hunt, is facing a split decision. See, they only really love cats, and don't feel nearly as strong when it comes to dogs. As such, opinions are split. One faction is going after the girl. Some want to defend her, but that's a pathetic minority. The majority don't care, which is their normal behavior. Cat's are the only animals that matter to these people. Within a few hours, they identified the possible suspect as a girl in the town of Bugojno, in Bosnia (oh wow, good luck). We are still awaiting to see if they got it right, or if they've targeted the wrong person.

EDIT: The divide between factions is growing. Also, possible suspects have appeared. NONE HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED.

The girl from Bugojno, whose name is still unknown. The river is suspected of being the Vrbas river. The suspected camera man is one "Ivo Skica Volarevic".

Second is:
Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
Adress: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email adress: katja.puschnik@web.de
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
School email adress: sekr@gymnasium-ottobrunn.de
School telephone number: +49 89 6066650
Volleyball Team: Spvgg Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, http://www.volleyball-svh.de/node/19
Location of puppy throwing: Mangfall

Details above prove 4chan's skill at hunting people down. Keep checking in for changes in the situation. 

EDIT 2: THEY GOT HER. Holy **** 4chan got it right. Local Bugojanska police launched an investigation thanks to Anonymous' elite tracking skills. They've got the girl and her parents. Her name and that of the parents has not been released, but we do know the initials M.P. have been floating around. For more, see this link:




Now that the chase is over, here is the FULL story.

After chasing 3 innocent girls in different countries in Eastern Europe, the guilty girl as finally been found:


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fred gets hacked! (sorta)

If you know who Fred is, then you will hold one of two opinions about him: One is that is hilarious. The other opinion is that he is completely unfunny, and how the hell can anyone on this Earth think this is funny?

If you don't know who Fred is, then know that Fred Figglehorn is a fictional 6-year old character played by one "Lucas Cruikshank" (nice name bro).  It centers around him, his anger management issues, and his dysfunctional home. Also, he has a high-pitched voice that can quickly drive someone crazy. He has become an internet celebrity, being the second most subscribed person on Youtube, and earning his own Movie which will be playing on September 18th on Nickelodeon.

Now, understandably, there are those who find this character unbearable (I for one can't stand his squeaky voice). As such, certain elements of Internet, known as Anonymous, decided to mobilize. As such, on August 25th, using a script (seen below), these hackers were able to  unsubscribe ALL 1.9 million or so of his subscribers. Hows that for ingenuity?


javascript:function unsubscribe() {
    httpreq=new XMLHttpRequest();
    httpreq.open('post', '/ajax_subscriptions?edit_subscription=newsub&username='+username+'&subscription_level=unsubscribe', false);
    httpreq.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded');
    if(!httpreq.responseXML) {
        setTimeout('unsubscribe()', timeout);
    if(httpreq.responseXML.getElementsByTagName('html_content')[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue!='<h2>You have successfully unsubscribed.</h2>') {
    } else if((window.status=++count)!=times) {
        setTimeout('unsubscribe()', timeout);
    } else {
if((username=prompt('enter target\'s username', 'Fred'))!=null) {
    if(!isNaN(timeout=parseInt(prompt('enter timeout in milliseconds', 250)))) {
        if(!isNaN(times=parseInt(prompt('enter num of times to unsubscribe (0 = unlimited)', 0)))) {

After destroying Fred, the hackers seem to have gone to conduct their own individual acts, removing subscribers from people they didn't like, which is generally everyone but themselves. Reports indicate they removed over 20,000 of Canadian celebrity Justin Bieber's subscribers before the jig was up. Awesome. 

In the end, Youtube found out, fixed their glitch, and proceeded to ban (banhammer as Anonymous calls it) any account using the script. Thus, nothing of value seems to have been lost, as Fred's loyal fans began subscribing again, and engage in the practice of "sub 4 sub",aka trading subscriptions for subscriptions.

Still, it was hilarious to see Fred's fans freak out while it lasted, posting "OMG FRED GOT HACKED???" and panicking like maniacs. Just goes to show that in the internet, nothing is sacred.